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Student Pitch I   10:30 - 11:00

1. Active Acoustic Sensing – Augmenting and Complementing Visuo-Tactile Sensing for Robot Manipulation - S. Lu and H. Culbertson

2. GelSight Svelte Hand: A Three-finger, Two-DoF, Tactile-rich, Low-cost Robot Hand for Dexterous Manipulation - J. Zhao and E. Adelson

3. Visuo Tactile based Active Object Parameter Inference - a Bayesian approach - A. Dutta, E. Burdet, M. Kaboli


4. VisTac: Towards a Unified Multi-Modal Sensing Finger for Robotic Manipulation - S. Athar, G. Patel, Z. Xu, Q. Qiu, Y. She

5. Estimation of Extrinsic Contact Patch for Stable Placement - K. Ota, D. K. Jha, K. M. Jatavallabhula, A. Kanezaki, J. B. Tenenbaum.

6. General In-Hand Object Rotation with Vision and Touch - H. Qi, B. Yi, S. Suresh, M. Lambeta, Y. Ma, R. Calandra, J. Malik

Student Pitch II   16:15 - 17:00

1. Simultaneous Tactile Estimation and Control for Object Manipulation - S. Kim, A Bronars, P. Patre, A. Rodriguez


2. Robotic Assembly Using a Tactile Sensor and a Soft Wrist - J. R-Miquel, M. Hamaya, C. C. B. Hernandez, K. Tanaka. 

3. Toward Dexterous Robot Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects: Estimating Cable Pose during a Fingertip Grasp using Tactile Sensors - K. Mathenia, T. Armstrong, N. T. Fitter, J. R. Davidson

4. Sim2Real Learning of Vision-based Tactile Sensing at Large-scale - Q. K. Luu and V. A. Ho

5. AcousTac: Tactile sensing with acoustic resonance for electronics-free soft surfaces - M. S. Li and H. S. Stuart

6. Placing by Touching: An empirical study on the importance of tactile sensing for precise object placing - L. Lach, N. Funk, R. Haschke, H. J. Ritter, J. Peters, G. Chalvatzaki

7. Avocado Firmness Assessment Using Vision-Based Tactile Sensing: A Non-Destructive Approach - M. M. Mohsan, B. B. Hasanen, T. Hassan, M. U. Din, N. Werghi, L. Seneviratne and I. Hussain

8. Seamless Integration of Tactile Sensors for Cobots - R. Proesmans and F. Wyffels

9. Model-based Tactile Regrasping with the Smart Suction Cup - J. Lee, S. D. Lee, T. M. Huh, H. S. Stuart

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