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RoboTac 2022

The 4th IEEE/RSJ International Workshop

October 23rd, 2022

Kyoto, Japan

Visuo-Tactile Predictive Coding and Active Inference for Grasp and Manipulation
New Advances in Tactile Sensation, Interactive Perception, and Learning


Haptics, or the sense of touch, enables humans to interact with their environment and is crucial to manipulation challenges in everyday life. It enables grasping, manipulation, learning, and decision-making based on the information from mechanoreceptors distributed in muscles and over the skin. Humans use haptic exploration to interact with their environment, e.g. to recognize an object's shape and mechanical properties.

Invited Speakers

Topics of interest


Human Sense of Touch  

  • Touch physiology from skin to brain

  • Haptic Perception 

  • Action and Perception Loop

  • Perception for Learning


Tactile Sensing Technologies

  • Conformable and compliant materials

  • Features enabled by conformable sensors

  • Biomimetics

  • Sensor effects

  • Integration and read-out strategies

  • Self-healing properties and strategies

  • Sensor skins: design, fabrication and integration strategies

  • Integration strategies for sensors in robotics

  • Enabling technologies for fully integrated robotic systems


VVisuo-Tactile Predictive Coding and Active Inference

  • Exploitation of contact constraints

  • Novel contact models

  • Neuromorphic Perception and Learning

  • Object perception for the exploitation of contact

  • Tactile information processing

  • Tactile feature extraction / feature learning 

  • Tactile-based object modelling 

  • Tactile object localization

  • Tactile shape reconstruction and recognition

  • Tactile object classification

  • Tactile exploration

  • Trends in combining of vision and touch sensing

  • Roles of vision and touch sensing in different object perception tasks

  • Modelling and representation of sensing modalities

  • Integration of visuo-tactile sensing modalities


Visuo-Tactile Grasp, Prehensile and non-prehensile Manipulation

  • Linear/rotational slip detection 

  • Grasping planning

  • Grasp stability assessment

  • Soft manipulation

  • In-hand/whole body manipulation

  • Tactile planning interplay between touch sensing and vision

  • Tactile knowledge/skill transfer  

  • Tactile transfer learning

  • The meaning and function of different sensing modalities in object manipulation

  • Sensing and planning in object manipulation

  • Multi-robot manipulation and coordination

  • Control strategy for object manipulation and collaborative assembly

  • Learning object manipulation skills from human demonstration

  • Novel approaches to grasp and manipulation planning

  • Whole-body, multi-contact planning and control

  • Design and characterisation of contact-exploiting, compliant hands

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